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FEDSGroup Membership Selection Criteria for Prospective Members

  • Membership is open to businesses, not individuals.
  • Business must server the Financial, Casino, Commercial or Government markets.
  • Prospective members must have a solid business reputation.
  • Prospective members must be able to demonstrate that their business is in “growth mode”.
  • Prospective must go through the “Membership Approval Process” as documented by Rick Sproul of TUI.
  • Prospective members must be willing to attend and actively participate in all group meetings and activities.
  • Prospective members must be willing to organize and host a group meeting at least once every 8+ years.
  • Time will be provided at each Dealer Meeting for prospective member evaluation.
  • Prospective members will be approved at Dealer Meetings only.
  • Prospective members must be sponsored by a current member.
  • Prospective members should not be in competition with any current member.
  • Membership approval will require an unanimous vote.

The responsibility of new member recruitment belongs with the advisory board. The board will recruit members through our current members, industry vendors and various associations (i.e. state bank/cu organizations etc.). Our goal for new members will be to diversify the group with new members marketing different products and/or services within the industry markets identified above. The new members should fill an area of geography not currently represented by our group, in an attempt to cover all US Geography. Although product diversity and geography are important they do not take precedence over the importance of acquiring quality dealers.

Membership Application Procedures

  • Prospective new member requires a Sponsor.
  • Membership application needs to be completed.
  • Completed application with attachments returned to Sponsor.
  • Sponsor sends all documentation to Membership Administrator (e-mail, fax, U.S. mail).
  • Membership Administrator forwards application package to membership for consideration and approval.
  • Questions and clarifications to be e-mailed to Membership Administrator for follow up.
  • Any member who has “reservations” will e-mail Membership Administrator and application will be tabled until the next scheduled meeting for discussion and vote.  Sponsor will be notified of such action.
  • If no concerns or “reservations” are expressed the proposed new member will be automatically approved 30 days from the date the application is received by the Membership Administrator.
  • Membership Administrator will notify the Sponsor and general membership of application approval.
  • Sponsor will notify applicant of approval and will formally introduce the new member at the next meeting.
  • Sponsor will mentor new member until new member is comfortably integrated into group.
Please visit our “Contact” page for more information, or to begin your application process.
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